So i'm currently working on a project where I am exploring the connection between visual and audio, and how to Illustrate music. To start off, i've been looking and listening to one album; 'What's Going On' by Marvin Gaye, which as many people know is one of the most critically acclaimed records of the 20th century.

What I would like people to do is just leave a comment saying what this album means for you. In other words; how it has affected you, what mood you receive whist listening to it, any imagery it conjures up, or just any fact about the album or Marvin Gaye that interests you. Of course if you haven't heard the album then don't worry about it (although I would certainly recommend it!!!)

Any and all responses will be appreciated!!!


  1. I get this kind of cool, grey feeling.
    It's hard to explain.

  2. Marvin makes me hot and bothered.