I'm working on my first published book at the moment, so personal
work is on the back burner for the time being. However here are a 
few things I've been upto. The YCN asked me to make some
Toys to sell in their shop (top image) this Christmas. From the left, they are
called Betty M. Jee, Jackie McCLean, Grumpy Dave, Daddy Pablo,
Ms. Perkins and Ma Marie. Next up are some more Toys I made
for the TOYS Exhibition I co-curated earlier in November. I wanted 
to make some more interactive pieces that could move and be played with
(I'm slowly working towards making a short film with my Toys). Next are a few
collage pieces; one for TOYS, one a character called the Flip Flop Philosopher
and an Earth Mother piece from The Specrtral Pilot. Then is the cover for
a small zine to tie in the The Spectral Pilot i'm releasing through Jazz Dad Books.
And finally a happy scan. One day I'll write these blog posts more creatively....   


Some recent things I've been working on.
First up; Toys I made for the features
opener of the October issue of Wired UK (photographed
by Wired), next a bunch of sketchbook pages. I've found
myself working more and more in sketchbooks
recently, trying to escape from stress and get out
of my head for a bit. Next are a few postcards I've
been sending out as part of Postcard Club 
and finally the Logo for TOYS, an exhibition of 
3D work me and my good friends Jayde and Dave are
organizing. Visit the website for loads more info here.   


A few new pieces: a couple of collages made for fun, the first
I've had a chance to do in a while! The first one is of the sun
god watching over magi making a pilgrimage through the desert,
the second is the weatherman. Next is a recommendation
from The Jazz Factory. Quite a few people have asked me for
Jazz recommendations recently, so I thought I would 
revive The Jazz Factory to do just that. Keep an eye on tumblr 
for more of these. Next a teaser for an upcoming show of 
3D work I'm curating with some friends of mine (stay tuned for lots
more on this very soon!). Finally: the cover and a couple of spreads
of a new Sketchbook zine I've made for Jazz Dad Books,
this will debut at Safari Festival at the end of the month!
I've done a couple of interviews recently about Jazz Dad Books,
one with Offlife magazine and another with Comics and Cola


I'm working on a science fiction/space romance
comic, and working on some characters with these 
collages. Also some sketchbook work, a piece I 
made for It's Nice That's in the Metro -
The Spectral Pilot and Earth Mother
(the two pivotal characters in the comic).
Also I have now set up a bigcartel shop where
you can buy prints and original art for lo lo prices.
Check it out here, buy now to save disappointment later


Some new things I've been working on recently:
top 4 are the cover and a few spreads from a book
I made for Dwell show a couple of months back.
Next is a sketchbook page, a composite of almost
all the postcards I have made for Postcard Club, and 
a page from a Quagley a comic I'm working on for 
Jazz Dad Books  being released in a zine pack at
ELCAF later this month. Finally are 3 T-Shirts I've
painted formyself, because I can't afford the nice
ones other people make. I'm working on lots and lots
of new things at the moment, so keep looking for
more updates!             


After all the excitement of Pick Me Up here is a quick update
with a recent commission illustration a brochure for
Ensemble Strumentale Scaligero, a children's concert
at La Scala in Milan earlier in May. Lovely to work with
Milan based design agency Tita Milano on this!    


Some recent work: cover and page spreads from
 Therapy a zine collecting drawings made 
as escapism from depression, stress and anxiety,
a couple of postcards sent as part of Postcard Club
and finally a panel from a 6 page comic I did for the
latest issue of Anorak Magazine.
I've also just had an update of my proper website