Been busy with lots of little bits and bobs recently. First up however
Comics and Cola did a lovely interview/feature with me earlier this month
which you can read here. Next up a couple of photos of a mural I did
for BBH London's refurbishment project, transforming the dull white
boards of a building site into something fun and colourful. Then my take
on Donya Todd's character 'Greasy' for Comic Book Slumber Party which you
should definitely check out if you're in or near bath in early March. Next are some
Badge designs that i've had printed and will be for sale very shortly aaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaand finally a sneak peek of what's to come!!!  


Happy new year everyone! I've been busy with lots of new
exciting projects, here's some previews. So top three
are pieces for a new book which collects mine and my families 
memories regarding steam trains, then some sketchbook doodles
and finally the cover to Doodle Poop 4; a zine collecting sketchbook
drawings and comics. Keep posted for more new work over the
next few months! (also I've recently started a new blog here
collecting examples of great Jazz across all media, check it out!)