I make little books for myself with small drawing
scraps and bits of work. No reason, just for me. 


Small update: here's a few of my daily sketchbook
updates I'm now doing on my tumblr blog,
follow me on there to keep up to date with them!
Also is a quick preview of an idea for a sequel to
the Trains zine; Planes! and finally a New Fun print 
coming soon! My work has been rather drawing 
heavy for the last few months, due to the space
I've had available to work in, but I should have
more room (and time!) soon to get back to more
collage, 3D model making and start some animation, wowee!  


I've been working more than ever in sketchbooks recently, for
personal and practical reasons mostly. In an attempt to 
regain some routine in my work practice i'm doing a daily
sketchbook post/update over on my other blo


So this weekend (tomorrow) me and some other recent Brighton
graduates and students are tabling at BCZF.
I'm debuting two new zines, Trains (top two) and New Fun
(bottom two). Come along and say hi! Also there is 
a pre fair event at the Crofters tonight where I might
be doing some live drawing!