Some sneak peeks from a very FUN project i'm doing. The 100 collage/drawllage
day was part of this (bottom 4 images from that day!). Keep posted for more!


Yesterday I set myself the challenge to do 100 collages/drawllages.
I did it (and watched the entire first season of Dexter in the process), 
and here are the results. Top image is all of the pieces together, then a few
cropped compositions, and finally a few select pieces i've picked out. This 
is all part of a larger project dealing with my work and having fun. Keep posted
for more soon!     


News!!! I have set up a webstore here where you can buy
some of my prints and zines. I'm going to keep the stock on
a rotation (changing stuff every month or so i think) so keep
an eye out. Next up is a WIP cover to a tiny zine i'm making, and
finally some postcards from my last trip to the Jazz Factory, keep
posted for more stuff coming up!      


Lots of bits and bobs i've been working on.
From the top: a few sneak peeks of a project
expanding the world of the Jazz Factory, then a 
daily drawllage, then my finished badges with their
matchbox cases (available to purchase soon!), a 
sketchy book page aaaand finally a snippet from
a comic for a zine i'm making. Keep posted for more soon!