I'm working on my first published book at the moment, so personal
work is on the back burner for the time being. However here are a 
few things I've been upto. The YCN asked me to make some
Toys to sell in their shop (top image) this Christmas. From the left, they are
called Betty M. Jee, Jackie McCLean, Grumpy Dave, Daddy Pablo,
Ms. Perkins and Ma Marie. Next up are some more Toys I made
for the TOYS Exhibition I co-curated earlier in November. I wanted 
to make some more interactive pieces that could move and be played with
(I'm slowly working towards making a short film with my Toys). Next are a few
collage pieces; one for TOYS, one a character called the Flip Flop Philosopher
and an Earth Mother piece from The Specrtral Pilot. Then is the cover for
a small zine to tie in the The Spectral Pilot i'm releasing through Jazz Dad Books.
And finally a happy scan. One day I'll write these blog posts more creatively....