Some more Illustrations for a personal
project about John Coltrane.



My new zine, Doodle Poop 2, is out.
It’s a collection of sketchbook doodles,
drawings and comics. 


Some drawings from a book I'm working on. The life of
a Jazz saxophone.


Page from a book i'm working on and the
cover to a small zine i'm putting out soon. 


Design for a calendar my friend is producing for


Collage from a life drawing session, looking at
sequence and narrative.

A selection of what i'm working on at the moment
the top is an Illustration for a calendar a friend
is producing for fundraising. Middle is a small strip
I did a while ago and bottom is an Illustration for a 
book I'm working on for uni atm. 


Some recent work. Top image is an illustration
for a mural I will be doing later this year, the bottom
a zine i've just finished celebrating the Blue Note 
record label. It was printed using multilayer photocopying
and colour stencils on cartridge. If you would like to purchase
a copy, email me at edcheverton@hotmail.co.uk.


Sketchbook pages. Some simpsons,
and I think big bird. I wasn't really concentrating.


 Culmination of a project on sequences. This work
Illustrates the rise of Modal Jazz. Each panel details
an important musician, album or event in the rise
of Modal Jazz.


Some stills from an animation
I'm working on for Uni. It's based
on the three greatest things according
to me: trumpets, steam trains and paper.
Watch my other animation here.


Some gouache sketches. Starting to paint
NEW STUFFFFFFFF! Another Blue Note cover redo, of
this. Also some doodles for a larger personal project i'm working on.


Five Senses Animation from Edward Cheverton on Vimeo.
This is a uni project where we had to
choose an audio file and create
a sequential response to it.
I chose this poem by Saul Williams for 
it's rhythmical qualities, and as such 
composed and recorded a music backing track. 
This is the first animation I have ever done, hope people dig it! 


Early piece from my recent personal
project, Illustrating music. This was 
looking at Jazz in the 70s, when to
meet commercial and contemporary
demands, the musicians were 
including elements of pop and fun into
their work.


Continuing my project on music,
this time looking and listening
to the tunes of Tycho.



From my current project, exploring the visualization
of music (see previous post). I wanted a break
from Marvin Gaye, so decide to look and listen to
Boards of Canada, and this ^ is what I came up with.
Listen to Boards:



So i'm currently working on a project where I am exploring the connection between visual and audio, and how to Illustrate music. To start off, i've been looking and listening to one album; 'What's Going On' by Marvin Gaye, which as many people know is one of the most critically acclaimed records of the 20th century.

What I would like people to do is just leave a comment saying what this album means for you. In other words; how it has affected you, what mood you receive whist listening to it, any imagery it conjures up, or just any fact about the album or Marvin Gaye that interests you. Of course if you haven't heard the album then don't worry about it (although I would certainly recommend it!!!)

Any and all responses will be appreciated!!!


Part of a personal project to do 
with visualizing music. I've had this old
trumpet for a while now, so thought I would 
paint it up a little.


Got bored today, so did some painting 
and drawing on a bit of wood. I plan to use 
wood more as a surface for work in the future…


Some more collages produced
during a life drawing session. Only
the gesture and some details
of the model are alluded to.