A few new pieces: a couple of collages made for fun, the first
I've had a chance to do in a while! The first one is of the sun
god watching over magi making a pilgrimage through the desert,
the second is the weatherman. Next is a recommendation
from The Jazz Factory. Quite a few people have asked me for
Jazz recommendations recently, so I thought I would 
revive The Jazz Factory to do just that. Keep an eye on tumblr 
for more of these. Next a teaser for an upcoming show of 
3D work I'm curating with some friends of mine (stay tuned for lots
more on this very soon!). Finally: the cover and a couple of spreads
of a new Sketchbook zine I've made for Jazz Dad Books,
this will debut at Safari Festival at the end of the month!
I've done a couple of interviews recently about Jazz Dad Books,
one with Offlife magazine and another with Comics and Cola