Hoo golly it's been a hectic month! I've just moved into a new
flat after months of being in limbo, so I can now finally settle
and get on with work and life. So here's a snippet of what I've
been working on. From to top down as usual: a couple of comics;
i'm trying to give my guys a bit of a new voice. Next is the Admiral,
he's the Admiral! I've been playing a whole load recently, so next
are a few of the latest collage plays. And finally i'm trying out new
sketchbook methods after doing a lot research on them for a talk
I gave earlier this month, one method being the 'sketchbook wall'.
The other news is Postcard Club is finally set up and posting! You
can see the swaps here. I will do a more in depth blog post soon
about it, the intentions, and why I set it up.