Last week (mon-fri) I challenged myself to make a 
zine a day, and here are the results:

Monday - Destroy the Robot: square concertina zine 
about one astronauts never ending cycle of killing Robots.

Tuesday - The Yards: Saddle bound comic following
 the lives of Train Drivers of the Jazz Factory.

Wednesday - Citizens of the Jazz Factory: Photocopy collages 
of characters from the Jazz Factory.

Thursday - Train Men of the Jazz Factory: A5 photocopy zine collecting 
drawings of the many Train Drivers of the Jazz Factory.

Friday- Hats of The Jazz Factory: A7 one page zine 
showcasing popular headware of the Jazz Factory with A4 poster on reverse.

There might be copies of some of these available to buy at some point
so keep an eye out! 


 Some recent drawllages and collages, the bottom four i'll be
selling as A3 photocopy prints at some point. Give me and email
if you're interested! 


Some recent comics and drawings i've been working on.
Top two are for a zine collecting some of my short comics coming
out soon, the a couple of previews of comics i've been working
on for the Jazz Factory (lots more coming soon, keep an eye out!)
and finally a little experiment I did with layers and colouring.
Lots more comics, drawings, collages, drawllages, 3D, animation
books, zines, prints coming sooooooooooon!     


Couple of drawings and a preview of a short comic for 
The Jazz Factory, and a couple of short comics for a 
zine i'm working on. Look out for more soon!