My latest self published book Blue Beat Jackson A Jazz Fantasy
Hand printed and bound. I only have 4 copies at the moment 
so give me an email if you want one edcheverton@hotmail.co.uk. 


Some collage experiments for a current uni project.


Work from the past weeeeek: Illustration for a show about
Brighton Swimming Club, my entry for the Penguin Design award
another postcard collage, a test drawing for a comic I'll be working
on in the next few months and some character designs for fun. Phew!


Got a couple of nice features last week. It's Nice That
made me their Student of the Month for March which was
great, and Juxtapoz did a nice feature of my work.
You can see page on It's Nice That here and the 
Juxtapoz feature here.


Doodlin 'n' collagin'. Some personal work from
the past week.