Some recent drawings! These started out as character ideas
and concepts for a new collection of short comics i'm working on
called A Concert For Bad People (more on that soon!). I think now
I might make another small zine of them and some more!
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and has a happy new year!     


 A couple of weekends ago I challenged myself to make 
100 drawings/collages in 24 hours (I've done this challenge  
once before, earlier this year!). It was exhausting but very
fulfilling. The top image is the finished 100 all together, then
a selection of some of my favourites. Some point in the new 
year I might try and organize a group challenge like this, so 
keep an eye out if you're interested!    


Hoo golly it's been a hectic month! I've just moved into a new
flat after months of being in limbo, so I can now finally settle
and get on with work and life. So here's a snippet of what I've
been working on. From to top down as usual: a couple of comics;
i'm trying to give my guys a bit of a new voice. Next is the Admiral,
he's the Admiral! I've been playing a whole load recently, so next
are a few of the latest collage plays. And finally i'm trying out new
sketchbook methods after doing a lot research on them for a talk
I gave earlier this month, one method being the 'sketchbook wall'.
The other news is Postcard Club is finally set up and posting! You
can see the swaps here. I will do a more in depth blog post soon
about it, the intentions, and why I set it up.      


I make little books for myself with small drawing
scraps and bits of work. No reason, just for me. 


Small update: here's a few of my daily sketchbook
updates I'm now doing on my tumblr blog,
follow me on there to keep up to date with them!
Also is a quick preview of an idea for a sequel to
the Trains zine; Planes! and finally a New Fun print 
coming soon! My work has been rather drawing 
heavy for the last few months, due to the space
I've had available to work in, but I should have
more room (and time!) soon to get back to more
collage, 3D model making and start some animation, wowee!  


I've been working more than ever in sketchbooks recently, for
personal and practical reasons mostly. In an attempt to 
regain some routine in my work practice i'm doing a daily
sketchbook post/update over on my other blo


So this weekend (tomorrow) me and some other recent Brighton
graduates and students are tabling at BCZF.
I'm debuting two new zines, Trains (top two) and New Fun
(bottom two). Come along and say hi! Also there is 
a pre fair event at the Crofters tonight where I might
be doing some live drawing!   



Couple of pages for a new zine about and called Trains, debuting 
at the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair (come and say hi!), some 
sketchbook pages and lastly a double page spread from a story
I did for D di Domodossola, the latest zine from the Infusi collection.  
Will hopefully get Postcard Club up and running for proper in the 
next few weeks, had some personal/real life things to deal with!