Some drawings from a book I'm working on. The life of
a Jazz saxophone.


Page from a book i'm working on and the
cover to a small zine i'm putting out soon. 


Design for a calendar my friend is producing for


Collage from a life drawing session, looking at
sequence and narrative.

A selection of what i'm working on at the moment
the top is an Illustration for a calendar a friend
is producing for fundraising. Middle is a small strip
I did a while ago and bottom is an Illustration for a 
book I'm working on for uni atm. 


Some recent work. Top image is an illustration
for a mural I will be doing later this year, the bottom
a zine i've just finished celebrating the Blue Note 
record label. It was printed using multilayer photocopying
and colour stencils on cartridge. If you would like to purchase
a copy, email me at edcheverton@hotmail.co.uk.


Sketchbook pages. Some simpsons,
and I think big bird. I wasn't really concentrating.


 Culmination of a project on sequences. This work
Illustrates the rise of Modal Jazz. Each panel details
an important musician, album or event in the rise
of Modal Jazz.