Series of new collages and drawllages from a project about
steam trains, and an Andrew Bird Illustration for Hype Machine

Illlustration for Animated Exeter 2013. Festival Identity
and design by Atwork


Forgot to put these up before! Latest Ladies Night poster
and web element. And also a choo choo train for
new project. 


Pieces I've been working on over the past week. From the top:
some mixed media digital drawllages, a comic about trains (ooh yeah)and finally a heads drawing that I have made run of digital prints of. Hoo
boy, see you next week for more trains!   


 Bits and bobs of a new project looking at 'the zone'; that
moment in music where everything comes together and the
listener enters a state of pure ecstasy. More to come soon!


So this is what I've been working on over the last
few weeks; the Jazz Factory. Here it makes Miles Davis' Teo.
Also some drawings and collages of the Jazz factory.


Being working on a new project called The Jazz Factory, this 
is lots of character designs and bits and bobs from it. More to
come soon! 


Been working on loadsa new character designs, I'm 
doing a new animation and book over the next month 
which this will all feed into.  


Been very busy lately with work lately, here is a peek of som
of it. From the top: 3 Illustrations from a small book about
the Flat Earth Society (google them), then a sketchbook page, and finally
a gif and a peak at some figures i'm making for a uni project. More to
come soon! Also if you haven't already, check out my new site here 


Latest Ladies Night poster for Graham Crackers Comics In Chicago,
a couple of Riso prints done to sell at a group show in a few weeks
and finally a feature in issue 5 of Plog magazine