New range of models! Aside from my collage, drawing, comics
etc. I love making 3D versions of my characters.
I tend to refer to them as my friends. From the left they 
are called: Elizabeth Ann, Charlie Parker, Sam Smith, 
The Mayor and Dumpy Dad. Keep an eye out for them being 
on exhibit this year!   


Some new and recent work! I seem to be working on lots
of bits and pieces at the moment. From the top: a gallery
drawing, sketchbook page, collage fun, a sad comic,
a 2 page comic I made for Often And Mistakes Dog Comics 2
and a comic about confidence for A Concert for Bad People,
a new collection of my short comics coming soon! 


This is Sam Smith.
I’ve been drawing so much the past few months, 
which has been lovely, but I’m itching to make 
some more toys/models. I’ll also make 
some more animations again this year!
Happy 2014 everyone.